Women Overlanding the World Retreat - May 2019

Women Overlanding the World - the crew, the website, the Facebook Group are very close to my heart. I mostly travel alone, out of choice sometimes, most of the time not. When I met Sunny, Karin, Ashley & Taylor my world changed… I didn’t feel odd anymore, I could connect with like-minded women who understood ME, why I like to jump in my car and head out camping wether I have to go alone or not, there was no need to explain anything to them. 

I dream of crossing borders, exploring other countries, meeting new people, learning about cultures, tasting food, enjoying new views & locations. I’m working on it and I see it in my future, but it’s not easy when you’re a woman. I’m so jealous of the thousands of women out there exploring alone, Africa, biking South America, I truly admire them. That’s why I love the Women Overlanding Retreats, it gives women the opportunity to explore other countries without the hassle, or the fear of driving all the way there, not knowing the language, getting confortable in road tripping new locations. 

This past May was our first retreat in Costa Rica, EPIC just does not even begin to describe the experience. 12 women + 6 crew members on the road for 10 days, Costa Rica delivered every, single, day, as it usually does. The route started in San Jose making way up North to the cloud forest of Monteverde and then down to Arenal Volcano lake. Then we made way down to the Central Pacific coast & beach hopped from Manuel Antonio National Park to Matapalo Beach and Dominical, with a day breaking off north to Quetzales National Park. From rainforests to back roads, waterfalls, wildlife, sunsets, fireflies, campfires, great food, camp stories, hugs, laughs, beach time, palm trees, more waterfalls, love and friendship. 

I put together a little video, just snippets I took along the way… I hope you enjoy!

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