Pre-retreat route with Women Overlanding the World

In the past couple of years I’ve been very open about how I miss having women around that share what I love - women that are open to a road trip longer than just a weekend a year. Some days I camp alone, others with friends or a partner - rarely do I get a chance to share many days with an amazing group of women on the road.

Until it happened! On the week of March 18th I accompanied the Women Overlanding the World team to pre-route and test their overlanding retreat for May, it was exceptional to share a few days with them, on the road, camping, over breakfast, in the rainforest, over the radio lol

I like to think life is full of connections, which is how all of this came about for me. I made some great connections through Instagram that turned into friendships and eventually this. No distance is an issue when you connect with certain people, even more when you have so much in common - when they’re “your kinda people”! We road tripped & camped locations such as Monteverde, Lake Arenal and Central Pacific beaches, Costa Rica delivered it’s beauty & uniqueness every day, over and over again!

The little moments were off-the-charts, we set up camp to an incredible ongoing rainbow, woke up to howling monkeys, and a sloth, had a camp dinner watching fireflies, explored great jungle roads, enjoyed some beach down time - so many things to share, which hopefully will all be repeated in May!

If you haven’t heard or read about the Women Overlanding the World project, come have a read, follow & share - women sharing their love for life on the road, learning together, telling stories, making new friendships. I am extremely grateful and honored to be a small part of this, really looking forward to sharing Costa Rica with the entire group!

Here’s a few pics from this spectacular week, May is coming up quickly & will have tons more to share - until then! :)

**Photos taken by Sunny, Ashley, Taylor and myself