A recap of our latest adventures!

It’s been 3 months now that I’ve really been able to break in my camper - between Christmas, traveling, life & work I just couldn’t find the time to get out for more than just a weekend!

The first section of the year has delivered road trip & camp wise like no other, which is super exciting because I still have many months to go in the year to rack up some new locations. I finally managed to camp at Turrialba Volcano National Park which was huge on my list, waking up to the steaming volcano was seriously out of this world!

Exploring the area of “Los Santos” in Costa Rica was breathtaking too, I had forgotten these chilly wooded areas of the country, where I basically felt I was back in Canada - waking up to pine trees, a cold breeze and yellow hues across the trees & the lake. That is one spot I really need to explore more!

Add to these my usual beach areas, I like spots that make me feel at home when I’m camping. I can camp alone, not be afraid of having a great night’s sleep in my tent and wake up to coffee on the beach. Those will always be constants in my life!

Then came the awesome trip with with the Women Overlanding the World Team - 7 days days on the road with some of the most amazing overlanding women I’ve met. Let me rephrase that, the ONLY overlanding women I’ve met - because it’s a rare thing here in Costa Rica. Being a small part of this team has truly been amazing, sharing a few days on the road with other women, sharing, camping, listening to stories - I really felt I was part of something and not just some weird chick from Costa Rica that likes to camp alone.

There’s more to come, but here’s a little video I put together with snippets of our latest travels, campsites, roads & moments!

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