Social Service - Nissan Club 2018

For a couple of years now I have been a part of a Nissan car club here in Costa Rica with hundreds of members with trucks similar to mine. Mostly men, of course, but there’s 5 girls and we’ve become the best of friends.

Every year we plan a social service road trip somewhere in Costa Rica. For 2018 we chose a small town in the province of Limón. The town was San Francisco de Tortuguero, located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast where daily life is run by freshwater canals, wetlands and forests. The small community has hundreds of children, most who live in very basic conditions. The plan, throw them a big Christmas party and load them with fun, food, presents and a ton of love.

3 cakes, 2 piñatas and many bags of candy later, the kids opened their presents and had the best day ever. In return, the town cooked us a yummy meal of traditional coconut rice and beans with chicken and a tamarind drink. They also took us on a tour of the canals, life is so different out there, we seldom forget how lucky we are.

It was a shame that the entire club didn’t show up to support the cause so I decided to put together a little video of the day - hopefully it will inspire others to take part in 2019.

Ann Brampton