Drawer Kit & Gear

Possibly the best addition to my truck… or original addition lol, is my drawer kit. I started out as we all do, organized camping boxes which usually ended up being unorganized 5 minutes into a camping day. Shuffling through stuff, broken eggs, spilled olive oil and all that stuff that happens. In addition to that, although I’m super good at always having them stocked, I sometimes found myself in situations where I wish I had my kitchen to make coffee, or I happened to go kayaking and didn’t have any dry bags.

So I decided to divide the drawers in the same way I had my camping boxes: kitchen & gear

The kitchen is super handy, it’s extremely simple to just pull out, get the stove started and have some water boiling for coffee. I have all my basics, from spices to a little bit of dry food, and basically 3 of everything, cups, glasses, plates, bowls, etc (except for my plastic wine glasses because I have more than 3 friends lol)

ann and lotus the truck drawer kitchen.png

The gear box is similar, I keep pretty much everything I could need when I head out. I’ve been caught out so many times on hiking opportunities & not had my gear, shoes at least, or a good water bottle. Same goes for kayaking, snorkeling or just parking on the beach & being able to tie down the awning or set out a nice beach blanket. It’s all there. What’s not there? Any valuables, as much as I can lock them and their hidden away, I just have a hard time leaving my GoPro and other pricey stuff in there.

ann and lotus the truck drawer toys.png

The secret to drawer kits? Keeping them stocked all the time. Trash bags, ziplocks, batteries, gas cans, sugar, spices, etc. When you run out, make sure you get home and replace them right away - it’s so annoying to head out and realize you’re out of kitchen paper or even worse, toilet paper or coffee!

Ann Brampton