Camp in 5, 4, 3...

It’s been just about 2 years since I got my truck, spanking new from the dealership - I really had no plan, other than continue to camp somehow and see where it took me. A year later I had a full setup of a soft top with a rooftop platform and tent together with a drawer set. It just happened and before I knew it I was completely rigged for being on the road doing what I loved.

But there were issues, for example:

I’m a woman mostly traveling alone, and the thought of someone crawling up my tent ladder at night freaked me out to the core. So it got tricky finding places where I felt safe enough to be exposed on the roof of my truck.

Then it was a hassle to set-up and pack out, being 5’4 made it extremely tricky and literally a pain in the ass to open and close the tent. I could do it, I got faster every time but there were occasions where I just wanted to drive out quickly and I’d really think twice about moving around much.

Another issue was, city life! I do live part time in the city so parking was always a problem when going out to dinner, drinks with my girlfriends or even the rare visit to the mall. Clearance was just not an option.

Costa Rica is a tropical country and half of the time we get rain, some months way more than others. I don’t mind camping in the rain but I missed indoor space. I work online and I used to love working inside my soft top on a rainy day, or just any day. Once I added the drawer system, that was gone. This meant I needed to use my tent if I wanted to stay out of the rain (because sometimes here in the tropics it rains sideways and the awning just doesn’t cut it!)

I also love paddling, SUP or kayak, traveling with either was not an option - there’s no way to load a 12ft board onto a rooftop tent and that’s that. So basically, every time I needed to transport boards, I needed to remove the tent and then have it installed again. No comment there!

Options were limited, Overlanding gear here in Costa Rica will cost you an arm and a leg - so I agreed to carry the prototype of the wedge camper by a brand named Fort Overlanding. Needless to say, by the video, it was the best decision ever - open the latches, push the roof up, grab my chair & I’m camping. And, when I need to go somewhere, pull it down, lock it up and I’m on the road.

Ann Brampton