Laguna Don Manuel - cold nights & warm days!

This week I was asked to help with some Duke of Edinburgh Award camping trips with a few groups of 9th graders, the location was Laguna Don Manuel up in the Santa María de Dota area in Costa Rica (just off the Interamerican Highway). I’ve always wanted to visit but it’s a very popular area on weekends and I really don’t like crowded outdoor places (kinda looses it’s purpose if you ask me!)

So I headed up for the week and decided to stay on a few days to enjoy the area. It was be-a-u-ti-ful, seriously, I didn’t even know places like this existed in Costa Rica. Wooded area, pine trees, warm morning light, a quiet lake, chilly days, short hikes, it was simply amazing. If it wasn’t for the poor 3G 1-bar-internet on my phone (and the people on the weekends), I could seriously stay here for weeks at a time!

Laguna Don Manuel is all private property, very secure and safe. It has a nice 5k walk around the lake and a few other cool spots to explore. The area also has a lot to see, next time I’ll take my time to explore more. They allowed dogs which always is a plus as I travel with little Taco. Bathrooms were clean, showers were cold haha, but it’s well-kept and very quiet at night, except for the odd campers at a distance & packs of coyotes running around at night - which was very cool to hear!

I really needed some alone time in the mountains, and the warm light with the lake views in the mornings was perfect to do some thinking. Funny enough, I was struggling to put some feelings into place, and on my last morning a fellow outdoors-woman walked up to me and out of nowhere, reminded me that a) I was the coolest woman she’s met, b) if she were a lesbian she’d totally fall in love with me lol, c) Any guy who can’t fall in love with who I am & what I have to offer is a fucking idiot AND d) I was worthy of being number one in someone’s life instead of being an option or a someday maybe. Wow, I so needed that this week - nothing like a slap in the face to help you look at things clearly.

So back to location, this amazing place was the perfect opportunity to put together a little video. Every other day I get messages on Instagram or Facebook from women asking me what I pack. I have no idea why everybody is so curious about what I travel with so I worked on a little video of what I took on this trip. Some might be disappointed to see that I really don’t travel with much, but it just makes camping easier - faster to setup & pack up!

So here’s a short little video I put together, hope you enjoy! And some pics of the week too - because it’s too beautiful not to share :)

Ann Brampton