Hello electrical!

I’ve been camping in my truck for about 3 years now, on and off. It started with my old Nissan Xterra, was really easy to just sleep in the back, I had AC and the comfort of being locked in my truck. But the car was extremely unreliable and I needed up hating it - which is topic for a different story.

The only reason I can road trip easily sometimes is my job, I work online so as long as I’m organized and get my stuff done I’m good. But, that also requires a spot with good cel service (or WiFi which is rare) and being able to charge all my devices, laptop and phone first of course, then stuff like battery packs, GoPro, speaker, etc. Oh, let’s not forget the refrigerator, what a pain in the butt it has been to keep it running when it was attached to the car battery.

So next on my list was external battery. I really did not want to deal with the hassle of having to recharge my second battery manually, that was just one more thing to do on the road. The best solution I found was this device by TJM Costa Rica, the DC/Solar Battery Charger with a 3 stage switch mode. It would automatically charge my battery on the road with the alternator and I could eventually add solar easily (which I plan on doing someday $).

With that I purchased a little electrical panel on Amazon, something simple with a 12V outlet, a dual USB socket and a small LED voltmeter. Was small & good to start. It did need a little re-wiring at first as the original setup was cheap but all good.

TJM Costa Rica did a wonderful job of setting it all up for me, the charger sits pretty inside the engine and my panel is now available in the back of the camper. Sure makes a difference to have the fridge going all weekend and being able to charge my devices easily without remembering to run the truck a few times a day.

Ann Brampton