Ann & Lotus the Truck

Ann & Lotus the Truck

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Sharing my adventures

Overlanding alone as a woman is not an easy task, searching for safe campgrounds, avoiding lonely roads or just parking on the beach for a coffee. Hopefully through my experiences and my knowledge I can not only inspire other women, but share what I learn along the way and the locations I discover on the road.

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From my Blog

On a daily basis I get messages both on Facebook and Instagram about my travels, my setup, my camping days, even stuff like “how do you pee"?”, or “why don’t you find a boyfriend to camp with”? So here go my stories, from silly videos I put together to info on my truck, the gear I use, the places I visit and the stuff I eat. Because things are always better when shared!

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This week I was asked to help with some Duke of Edinburgh Award camping trips with a few groups of 9th graders, the location was Laguna Don Manuel up in the Santa María de Dota area in Costa Rica. I’ve always wanted to visit…

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Possibly the best addition to my truck… or original addition lol, is my drawer kit. I started out as we all do, organized camping boxes which usually ended up being unorganized 5 minutes into a camping day.


I’ve been camping in my truck for about 3 years now, on and off. It started with my old Nissan Xterra, was really easy to just sleep in the back, I had AC and the comfort of being locked in my truck. But the car was extremely…


Tips & locations

Finding campgrounds and locations to camp alone is no easy feat, many times I camp with friends but I always get messages and comments asking for tips. I will do my best to share locations that I believe are safe-r for women and hopefully a tip to two about how I camp, cook & spend my time on the road.