Ann & Lotus the Truck
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Ann & Lotus the Truck

Overlanding alone as a woman is not an easy task, searching for safe campgrounds, avoiding lonely roads or just parking on the beach for a coffee. Hopefully through my experiences and my knowledge I can not only inspire other women, but share what I learn along the way and the locations I discover on the road.

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Blog & Articles

On a daily basis I get messages both on Facebook and Instagram about my travels, my setup, my camping days, even stuff like “how do you pee"?”, or “why don’t you find a boyfriend to camp with”? So here go my stories, from silly videos I put together to info on my truck, the gear I use, the places I visit and the stuff I eat. Because things are always better when shared!

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a van state-of-mind

As some of you know, I’ve been playing with the idea of moving onto converting a van. By August 2019 I need to decide if I’m ready to move into a van for part-time to long-time living. I’m pretty decided and in September…


WOW retreat costa rica - may 2019

Women Overlanding the World - the crew, the website, the Facebook Group are very close to my heart. I mostly travel alone, out of choice sometimes, most of the time not. When I met Sunny, Karin, Ashley…


wow pre-retreat weekend

On the week of March 18th I accompanied the Women Overlanding the World team to pre-route and test their overlanding retreat for May, it was exceptional to share a few days with them, on the road…


Women Overlanding the World

This year I’ve had the pleasure, privilege, honor, lucky-ness of taking part in joining Women Overlanding the World crew on their retreats in Costa Rica. Being a part of this group has been amazing, just being able to hang out with women who “get me” is out of this world - sharing my country and what I love with women in general is just the cherry on top! Our first retreat was in May 2019 and our next will be in November. 2020 is creeping up so we’ll have one next April too.